Gardens & Floral: Flowers, botanicals, gardens, borders, heart wreaths, circles - all rendered with delicate detail.

Perfect for Valentines, Mother's Day, and all of those Everyday Card slots.


More flowers can be seen on the Repeats and the Heart & Circles pages. Available for licensing.

Supplemental spots, borders and different shapes can be created to create a series.

The pink rose collection below is based upon a few paintings, laid out in comps for a variety of product use.

This illustration was designed to be edited into several sections, if needed.

Below you will see some pages with themed art. One of the many advantages of using illustrations created by Aikman Design is that many of the small objects can be edited from a painting and employed for other uses. on their own. See Spot Illustration for more small paintings.

Garden Gate has many elements that can be cut for other uses. Canning labels, stickers, editorial or web SPOT art, gift wrap. . .

You can see more heart and circle-shaped art on the Hearts and Circles page. Suitable for paper plates, tins, and many other uses. Many of Aikman Design's illustrations can be converted to fit a shape.

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