I edited some of my art, backgrounds and clip to be used in Polyvore designs. These are free for anyone to use at Polyvore, but all of my art on other pages in my website are copyrighted and licensed by my agent. So use the art from this page only!

Some have more than one version, with an alternate color or may be paler. They are larger than they appear here on this page - backgrounds are about 8 inches, sized for Polyvore. Once you import them to Polyvore they will be larger.

Paper textures, spots and graphics. Photos of cowboy shooters, horses, Kennebunkport beaches, shells, beach stones, old postcards, straight-on and angled views...and more. The fashion illustrations were done by my mother, Pauline Aikman, when she was in the fashion field in London during WW2.

Using some of the gloves from Foxgloves, Inc., I created the set at right. I'm experimenting! My sets are here under dinidesign at Polyvore.

~ Geraldine
Aikman Design, Kennebunk, Maine

These photos were taken at antique shops in Maine. They will size up much larger for backgrounds at Polyvore.

These polkadot backgrounds, and all other backgrounds (such as the red rice papers and text squares above)
will be large when you import them to Polyvore.
Aikman Design - Kennebunk, Maine - gaikman@roadrunner.com